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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 20, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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tweets every time we post something it goes on twitter, bill o'reilly is next at the top of the hour, make sure you watch the most power full name in news. fox news channel, o'reilly factor is next. >> the best of the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- bill and i were just backstage a few minutes ago during the commercial break. >> i would rather am pputate m fingers. >> pelosi was more indecipherable. >> miller causes mayhem. >> you know -- nobody knows. >> nobody knows? >> nobody knows? >> and the quiz kids reveal their true intelligence. >> did you get it right? >> yeah. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. a little dleerous. >> sit back, relax and see some of your favorite "factor" moments from the recent past. >> i know what it is to feel -- to sit in this chair. >> i felt like i was getting a
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call from the principal's office. >> because you are go to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor." for the next hour, we'll show you some of the funniest, newsiest, most controversial thought provoking "factor" moments of the past few months. we begin tonight with glenn beck. so here's our pal beck who, of cour course, keeps a close eye on the president of the united states. that's your job, right? >> correct. >> you have to watch that eye. >> that eye. and lately, the president has been trying to sell his obamacare program on the internet. i want to get your reaction, beck, to this. >> let's watch. >> hello, everybody. i want to talk with you about a new consumer web site. it's a good resource for understanding the new law. let me show you how it works.
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now, i have pretty good health care these days but let's roll back the clock to when michelle and i were just getting started in chicago. from the home page, i choose my state. then answer a few more questions. no matter your age or situation, there's something for everyone at >> ok. and then it's a dating service, too, i think. >> call now. >> right. operators are standing by, right? >> if he could put some nice car wax on that computer and rub and rub and rub and then set it on fire, wouldn't it -- now how much would you pay, america? got a president who is doing a pitch man. >> he's trying to help you navigate. through the 1,200 pages. >> i liked him. this way, hi, i'm glenn beck. i'd like to sell you something now. come over to my conveniently placed computer over here. >> are you mocking the president of the united states? >> me? >> now they're saying i groped
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a male staffer. yeah, i did. >> how did that mass why thing go for you? >> i know you don't want to talk about this but bill and i were just backstage a few minutes ago during the commercial break tickling each other. it was, you know, i would rather amputate my fingers. i really would! >> the guy was like, oh, no, we were having tickle fights. like tickle fights? that's normal? >> why did you give him an hour on your show? >> because he talked to me on the phone and he said, you know, i have nothing to lose and i want to expose all of this. >> expose, did he use that word? >> let me think of it, that should have been a tipoff. that's why he said, i said why do you come on this show? he said i wanted the toughest interviewer that is. i said that would be bill o'reilly. why would you pick this one? why are you here? >> i want the toughest, most unforgiving interviewer possible. >> that would be bill o'reilly. >> he didn't call me. >> he put you in a meat grinder. >> ok. >> i don't know what -- how i would have done it because i just think he's not even worthy
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of air time. i think that he's just another in a long line of people who can't control themselves. and he's out. and good riddance to him. >> you gave him an hour. there had to be a reason why you and your crack staff wanted to devote that much time to the guy. >> because i wanted to give him the opportunity to either hang himself without me. i don't need to hang anybody. he hung himself. >> earlier this week, i'm watching your program and you know, you pay me now to do that and i really appreciate it. >> yes. >> and you're mocking once again this poor guy from "time" magazine, joel klein. roll the tape. >> must sicken him to have to share this time space continuum with the likes of the little stupid people like sarah palin. and you. it must absolutely nauseate him to have to look at people like that, you know? as joe kleine pondered the fact that in alaska where palin
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lives, there isn't even a harvard club. buckle your seat belt, the problem is people like you but not you. surprisingly enough. you went to harvard but you don't seem to look down on the little people. >> no, i do. >> but all of these -- >> this is the trick of the progressives. they really truly believe this is why they had eugenics. we've got to breed the stupidity out of people. they're dangerous people. >> all right. so here's beck and he's been on the air for one year at the fox newschannel and it's amazing that you haven't been fired yet. >> it really is. >> right. >> couple of close calls. >> you know, i -- i saved you a couple of times. >> really? only two. >> i said if beck goes, i go. >> right. not really but it sounds good. >> right. >> ok, now, i want to say three things. three things from this past year that you think that your program has done that's made a difference.
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>> in march, i said send us pictures of you. if you're a viewer, send me a picture and we made it into a mosaic which we unveiled as this big poster that's made out of pictures and the reason why i did this is people to realize they're not alone. now look at it. >> the first one is the movement that you're not alone. if you're mad, you're not satisfied, get involved. >> second one. >> second one would be -- >> we did our first documentary revolutionary holocaust, live free, do dot, dot, dot or die. >> you took out guys and you said, look, these aren't just guys whose names are famous. >> right. these are bad guys. >> we know everything there is to know about hitler. but we don't know, tell me mr. harvard education, how much does the left love george bernard shaw? i asked scientists to come up with a humane gas because some people just aren't worth keeping around. >> good. let's get rid of the inferiors.
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>> inferiors. >> and the third moment on the show. >> i don't think i could come up with three. >> no, i think i only did 200 shows. >> how much do you want from me? >> this is very exciting. oohh! you hold it up. bill o'reilly. >> look at that. >> as a teacher. >> yeah. >> there he is. mr. william o'reilly. >> the original mr. kotter. >> look at this. he's gone to hell, hasn't he? >> you let yourself go. >> houp of a hairpiece i had then that i had now. do i look like i'm taking any garbage? >> no, you don't. that's the social studies teacher that you were either friends with or man, that dude is spooking me, man! he'll take you out. >> there was no rowdiness in that classroom. >> no. >> not messing with this guy. >> ♪ welcome back >> next on the rundown, bernie goldberg wants to get a few things off his chest and we'll things off his chest and we'll let him and i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom
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i'm afraid you're not wrong. there are no original ideas coming out of the networks. these guys who run the three networks think that their title is president of the news kif division. it's not their title. their title is funeral director, they're not managing news and not managing as question suggests, not managing new ideas. they're managing death. the idea of an evening newscast because of what you said about technology and because of the distance that people work, and how late they work. it's an idea whose time has come and gone, finished and doesn't work anymore. by the time the news comes on at 6:30, they know the news. that is another reason it's not relevant to people anymore. they know what is going on by the time the 30 minutes network newscast comes on the air. >> bill: they cover the same thing. and look. sheer what i think tragedy of this is. i think that couric and sawer
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and williams and correspondents by and large that work for networks are very skilled people. they don't try to cut through the bs. you know? they've got their die byeases and jendas and manhattan, washington axis thing goesing on. they don't seem to care about the folk autos it isn't just those three people. it's the people whose names the folks at home don't know who run the news division. >> right. >> they're not men of ideas. >> it's my theory, i'm going to write a newspaper column f your a far left person... it's over. the obama administration was the last chance you had to succeed in the mass market immediate yachl the country now is saying it's not working for president obama, anyone who really holds that torch isn't going to get a mass market. i will point to david letterman, air america, joy behar on cable, not doing well. and do you agree? or no?
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>> well... you're betting against a very savvy business woman, oprah winfrey. i don't think you get to be a billionaire by making bad calls like that. let me make two points. first one is that i want to make clear whit comes to politics, rosie o'donnell is fool. she may fancy herself a political sophisticate, she's not. she thinks september 11th was an inside job. she's said radical christianity, whatever that means, is as threatening as radical islam. i don't think so. she's said sh i want to read the quote. that we shouldn't fear the terrorists, ready for this? because they're mothers and fathers. her main contribution to our culture is that she main streams stupidity and hate. now, let's get to your point. having said that, bill, i think that -- that oprah
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winfrey is well aware of the baggage that rosie o'donnell brings to the party. she's well aware this is a center right country. but oprah winfrey understands american women. >> bill: anyone getting engaged and one question about attorney general holder why would he put so called rights of terror suspects above his family? because terror suspects goring to tack washington, d.c. if they can and they use a lo low-level nuke, if they could. i'm not getting it. do you want to weigh in on it? >> let's just start out and forget washington angle just a moment. eric holder isn't putting terrorists rights over the safety of his own family. he's putting terror rights over the safety of your own family. and my own family. and the family of every single person watching us tonight. barack obama is against what he calls torture, water
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boarding? he water board the hell out of anyone if they had his two beautiful little daughters. and i won't blame him one bit but wouldn't water board anyone for your daughters or their daughters or their daughters or anyone else's. that is the hypocrisy of forgive me me, of the left. i don't want to make general saigss. it's the hypocrisy of the left that puts so called american values over everybody else. what america value would they be holding up if some other knucklehead, you know blows up an airplane because they didn't want a profile? profiling has gotten americans killed already. at fort hood. it almost got americans killed on christmas day. and i fear, i hope i'm wrong, but i fear that it's going to get us killed at some point in the future. >> bill: and here is my position. if i were to come on your show, bill, and say barack obama, i
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don't like his politics and he's way too liberal for me. i think they're spending too much money down there in washington under his administration. but i do think that he's a good, decent, honorable negro. the roof would cave in on me. >> bill: correct. >> this place would be a garage. i'd be called a racist. you'd be called a racist for image vg me on. liberal democrats want to make believe that well, he only said negro. fine. if we want to talk about liberal hypocrisy, let's get something straight. the word negro is not a slur. there is the united negro college fund. it's outdated and it's an ancient word ask a politically incorrect word. but it's not a slur z republicans and conservatives of all people, of all people, should not be calling for someone's head because he use aid politically-incorrect word.
11:17 pm
>> bill: i think it was light skinned was more offensive to african americans anyway. the different standards at what black people talk about among themselves and what white people talk about african americans say look, you know, it's the context of it. >> hairy re dismt d didn't say anything racist and we agree he's probably not a racist. i'm saying that conservatives and republicans who are usually on the wrong end of the politically correct attacks shouldn't be calling for someone's head because he use aid -- he said negro, he didn't use the other n word. >> bernie goldberg, everybody. >> still to come on the special edition of the factor mitt romney how he would beat barack obama. and quiz kids prove their smarts once again, and dennis miller unleashed as a special o'reilly factor continues. xox
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>> continuing now with the best of "the factor" in the personal stories segment. mitt romney is considered to be a frontrunner for the g.o.p. presidential nomination in 2012. recently, i asked him what barack obama's weak points are. and how he'd challenge the present commander in chief. >> if you were running today against barack obama, say the campaign was in full swing, what do you think his weak points are? >> whoever is running against barack obama, the weak point is that he has not focused on the economy. the key issue that america faces and has faced during his entire presidency has been getting jobs for americans and instead of focusing on that from day one and meeting with top business leaders and small business leaders and economists and saying what do we do to actually create jobs? he used all of his time and
11:22 pm
political capital to campaign on capitol hill and around the country for his health care takeover. he took a liberal agenda as opposed to working for the american people. >> it's hard to convince cynical americans on both sides of the aisle that you, mitt romney or any other political candidate is drop unemployment, can created more jobs were that's a hard thing to do. >> it's a hard thing to do but it's possible when you spend $787 billion like he did. >> you have to have a chart. >> like ross perot chart. the truth of the matter is, you can create jobs by encouraging businesses through tax policy to start -- >> tax cuts could did it. >> tax cuts, saying to them, for instance, if you want to buy any capital improvement this year, we'll led you expense it for tax purposes this year. that puts people to work right away. >> national debt is going off the cliff. if you cut taxes, you have less revenue and the bankruptcy specter becomes larger. >> no question, a broadbased tax rate reduction would increase the growth of our economy and help build our economy and help fill the federal coffers but the
11:23 pm
right thing to do immediately is put us to work by reducing the burdens that businesses face in hiring people and in buying equipment. that's the right course he should have taken. he borrowed all that money, $787 billion and not one new net job in the private sector. the only sector that grew was government. that's the one sector that should have shrunk. >> down the road. >> say you do get the nomination. are you going to go after him as being soft on terrorism and things like that? because by the time 12 runs around -- comes around, iran will be defined. they'll either be a nuclear power or we would have to take some kind of drastic action fortunately i'll ask you point blank, would you taken military action if iran will not stop its nuclear program. will you as president order military action? nothing else works. you try everything. nothing else works. will you take the military action? >> i would certainly have a military option on the table as an option to take. no question about that -- as to whether or not you take it depends on the military capacity to actually remove the threat, their capacity to respond and so
11:24 pm
forth. >> if they don't take it, they get the news. >> it is not acceptable for them to have nukes but the real question is why has this president not used his strength with china, with russia, for instance, by giving in -- >> you can tell the chinese what to do? you can't tell them what to do. >> they need access to our market in order to live and the russians, the number one thing the russians wanted from us was to remove the missile defense shield that we were going to build in the czech republic and poland and the president gave them that and gave them that and got nothing. shame on him. he should have insisted that they agree with us on tough, crippling sanctions on iran. the right course in iran is not a military action. the right course in iran is crippling sanctions. it's to strangle them and the -- >> i don't think you can force china to do it. >> if you can get russia, if you can get russia, china doesn't want to be the odd man out. china wants access to our market. >> you would threaten the chinese and say we're going to put tariffs up against you if you don't do this. >> i don't want to get in a trade war with anyone but also, i'm not willing to live with
11:25 pm
iran having a nuclear weapon recognizing that iran having a nuclear weapon is not the end of things. it's proliferation's open door. it means you're going to have syria and egypt and saudi arabia, everybody is going to be having nuclear weapons. >> sure. nuclear umbrella situation. >> unacceptable course, america cannot stand by and let nothing be done to prevent it. >> karzai is a crook in afghanistan. and do you think that we can win that with the corrupt afghan government in kabul? >> i think the president has made it very difficult for our troop surge there. he was right to accept a troop surge even though he voted against one in iraq where it was successful. he was right to do it in afghanistan but he handicapped it badly by doing two things. one, announcing the day he's pulling out. so if i'm karzai, i say holy cow, before the job is done, these guys are going to leave. what does that mean about my life and livelihood? number two, he did not secure the elections in afghanistan to make sure they were fair and noncorrupt and as a result, we have a president who is not wild about us and people who wonder
11:26 pm
whether their president is a legitimate president. >> you think we can pull it out over there sf>> i think it's more difficult by virtue of the president's mistakes. i think our fighting men and women will do everything in their power but gosh, this strict deadline to pull out our troops is a huge mistake. >> all right. i hope you drop in from time to time and see us. and it's going to be very interesting what happens in the next couple of years. governor, thanks very much. congratulations on the success of your book. >> thanks, bill. > >> when we come back, miller sounds off on just about everything. >> this is going to be like praying mantises crowleying over each other. [ big during the fis
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of the bass pro shops fall hunting classic.
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>> continuing now with our special edition of "the factor" here's dennis miller's take on speaker nancy pelosi. >> the specter of nancy pelosi popping up and down. remember we talked about this last year. up and down, in and out. >> ♪ let's get physical physical ♪ >> up and down and up and down. are you looking forward to that? >> you know what it is, it's like she reminds me of like a jack-in-the-box. who is twitchy or something. i can't watch her. i shut my one eye and i watch biden and i'm glad i'm not him. if obama wanted to come out tonight, he could solve this all and say listen, here's what's up.
11:30 pm
i figured out i'm in the way here. let me get out of the way. anyone within earshot of this, hire someone tomorrow morning and we'll make it worth your while. wee going to get out of the way and stop using the government as a middle man for jobs. you, small businesses, hire somebody tomorrow morning, we're going to give you a tax break. >> i feel sorry for this one because i think she's on the marilyn monroe track and she's only 26 instead of 36. that's when miss monroe died. and now she's crying because she has to go to jail. what the heck did you think was going to happen, lady, when you keep thumbing your nose at a judge? the judge is going to get a little fed up with that. >> yeah. yeah. she hasn't seen a mean girl until she runs into swoozy and calperni in d block. i'm in mixed feelings on this. last night i'm in my cell at shawshank around 2:30 in the morning the screws open the door, throw her into the cell with me. she immediately starts talking breakup to me and pulls a squirt gun and starts digging behind my
11:31 pm
justin bieber poster trying to break out. i thought i'm in trouble if i don't rat her to officer o'reilly. keep her eye on her. she's crazy. she's got island fever. >> do you think, though, people who have alcohol problems even if they defy the system, should go into the system costing taxpayers money? is that a fitting punishment for somebody who can't give up the booze and the drugs? >> yeah, when she's driving around, yeah. because as much as i'd like to see this little girl pull her life together, if she offs some innocent kid by t-barring him in an intersection because she's lo loaded, that's a crime right there. that's a sin right there. let her go away for 23 days and get the living hell scared out of her and let her come back out here and try to fight the good fight. >> so how are they processing the firing of mcchrystal? are they for it? do they understand it? what do they think? >> think of mcchrystal as jack nicholson in "a few good men"
11:32 pm
and think of obama as tom cruise in a few good men, i think mcchrystal was percolating and he's going to blow because he think obama has no code. >> do you know what the code was? >> i did! >> i think that's all that happened. >> it might have been a subconscious thing. it might have been anger, you know, one way or the other. i mean, to let this guy into the tent is hastings on rolling stone, you're asking for it. but it made it easier for barack obama to replace him because he's got petraeus to go to. he's got the big gun that saved iraq. if you didn't have petraeus. >> mariano rivera. >> i think that's what the hidden story is here. it's not good in afghanistan right now. our guys hunt and peter say it's not good there. so, you know, they're saying maybe we can upgrade this at the same time so why not do it. but the real crux of the matter is, the macho factor here.
11:33 pm
>> macho man randy savage. heavyweight champion! >> if obama allows one of his generals to denigrate him and his guys, he loses all macho, does he not? >> slap your face and push you against the wall! >> there are a bunch of things that went into this decision, like you said, the macho posturing and the fact that karzai said he wanted him on board. president obama likes to keep karzai cat on a hot tin roof. a little skittish over there. >> what's up with the band-aid? you ok? >> you got a loyal team back there. i got to tell you, i came in just to see how it felt. i sat down in your chair. your man gustafo roughed me up a little. they came over the top and they had to butterfly me to get me through the segment. >> miller, of course, is exaggerating and -- >> just a joke! a visual. >> i thought it was covering the botox injections you got this morning. >> no, i would have stayed in l.a. for those.
11:34 pm
i'm sorry i'm coughing, ladies and gentlemen, i'll get through this. i'm trying to get biden and cheney on your radio program. so you can referee this match. >> entitled to his own opinion. i guess i shouldn't be surprised by my friend joe biden. >> usually, i watch biden vs. cheney and cheney always comes off as a bit like a deliverance banjo where cheney comes off like that and biden is the squinty, toothless kid on the porch. but i got to tell you, yesterday, biden laid a glove on him. >> dick cheney's a fine fellow. he's intielthed to his own opinion. he's not entitled to rewrite history. >> the president of the united states said this the state of the union we're at war with al-qaida. if it was wrong with this underwear bomber guy, it was wrong with richard reed. that was a mistake for bush. my admiration for bush as far as quitting the war is vast. that was a mistake on their part. if i'm on an airplane and a guy who looks like that shoe bomber sits down next to me, i'll call
11:35 pm
the flight attendant and say excuse me, honey, if this is not jeff geeoldblum on a three day meth bender, i want him off the plane right now. because i don't trust anybody in converse black high top tennis shoes who isn't playing small forward for the 1964 boston celtics. >> jeff goldblum, the guy that played the fly. >> everybody about you is changing! >> on a three day meth bender? now, i've never met mr. goldblum but he looks like the model of sobriety to me. >> yeah, he is. so is gary busy. >> i'm so excited! >> here's the thing, you hallucinated this whole scene. >> be careful. on cold medicine. you've hallucinated this whole sequence. i never said that. >> a lot of criticism about president obama and i know you're a man of leisure, miller. you like your down time. so when you see obama playing a little golf, going to the game, hanging with mccartney, what do you think sf>> i'm glad he's out of the office for six hours.
11:36 pm
it's six less hours he can run the country into the ground. what's with the outfit for god's sak sakes? he's dressed like urkel. he's the leader of the free world. get some sense about slacks or something. get a nice outfit. what are you out there running around in those shorts for with a bad lawn jersey, for god's sakes. you know, i don't mind that. but that looks soft to me. look at that look. what's he going to do? scrapbook next. raise llamas. >> let's go over this. what's wrong with the shorts? are they too short? too long? what's wrong with them? >> you're the leader of the free world? you're not richard simmons. >> that's right. hit me with your best shot! >> get a look together. >> what kind of look do you want him to wear? he's wearing the short pants. you know, should he have checked short pants. what kind of short pants do you want him to have? >> nice pair of slacks, get freddie couples to dress him up or something. this is a bad look here. >> come with me! >> and if you can stand it,
11:37 pm
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(announcer) to get one month free, plus more tips and recipes, visit or call 1-800-4-boniva. >> what does miller think about my interviews with congressman barney frank? here it goes. i have a bunch of very simple questions because as you know, i'm a very simple man. you know, miller, i hate to say this. i don't think barney frank likes me. i don't think so. >> oh, yes! oh, yes. >> never said it wasn't -- >> but barney started off truculant. >> it's an adjective that means brutal. >> i love that. but in the end, you know, it was almost like he was, you know, not pals but there was some civility to it. right? >> you know, billy, if i'm
11:40 pm
going to row the boat across the river to weehauk to wash hamilton and birch shoot each other, wropt to see them start slinging cream pies and that got a little too lovie dovy here. did i hear you say you might go camping together? if you do, i want you to -- if you do, i want you to invite cheney and i because i'm going to be laughing so hard. cheney is going to have to shoot me in the head to put me down. >> that was a little sarcasm there and as the -- as the sultan of sarcasm, you can recognize the fact that i gave a little jabs to it. >> democratic infighting. do you believe that they're all going after each other in there and what do you think? >> this is going to be like praying mantises falling over each other to get to the one air hole. as far as intrafamilial dust ups go, this is going to be
11:41 pm
mendezian. blue blood will spill between pelosi and reid because pelosi is more unhinged than a double wide front door in the midst of the d.e.a. crystal meth bust. and it is going to get really ugly over there as these people start climbing over each other to get off the sinking ship. >> no panic. >> so you believe it and think they're at all each other's throats. >> i think it's going to get ugly. the democrats have a war room for everything but war, billy. >> i thought obama was pretty persuasive. again, short on specifics but as persuasive as i've seen him in the health care debate, what do you think? >> i don't know. what's that weird yellow shower curtain back there? >> ♪ you're the one you make bathtubs ♪ >> bed, bath and beyond tasteful. listen, it's been a weird week for health care. it started off last week at that cluster stoop of a roundtable where pelosi was more
11:42 pm
indecipherable than george the animal steel while on nitrate. then they doubled that on the stupid bed with harry reid. what a moron boilermaker that was. and then we have today's thing and listen, obama is a smooth talker. i don't think he's a trustworthy man, bill, i'm sorry. i think we depart on this. i don't trust the guy anymore. he's a smooth operator. it's nice that he's back on the charts because this cat is a smooth operator. >> ♪ smooth operator >> you've been in france, right? you've been there. >> sure. >> people go to southern france and they vacation and this is a nanny state. france is a nanny state. >> last time i was in paris, i had a cab driver who smelled like he was eating gorgonzola cheese in the septic tank of a slaughterhouse while getting a permanent and i don't think we should shoot for that. >> did you get his name, miller, so we might send him a
11:43 pm
bar of dial or something? >> i think it was frank coy or something like that. i don't know. >> all right. so you are not an admirer of the french society is what you're telling me. >> you know, bill, you know when this struck me, i was watching when katrina hit new orleans. i saw a woman, she must have been 21, 22 years old. there was water up to her ankles. she looked into the camera and said, come get me. she said it twice. and i remember thinking, i don't know if you want to call it a nanny state or what you want to call it but anything that robs a human being of his urge or her urge to flee rising water is not good for that human being. i don't know what you want to call it. i don't know the psychology behind it. i just know when you have a three day lead on a rainstorm and you don't put a roadrunner cloud heading off into the distance between you and that storm cloud -- >> beep-beep! >> something is wrong with the system. >> the late night thing must be affording you some entertainment, you know these
11:44 pm
guys. it's pretty nasty. >> guess what? this will show you what a goat sctoop tv is. they take the guy who was at 11:30 and put him at 10:00 where it doesn't work as well. they take the guy that was kicking it at 12:30 and move him to 11:30 and move a new kid into the 12:30 role. nothing's worked. whole thing blows up and the only guy to get promoted out of it is zucker. that shows you how crazy television is. >> the executive that's ruined nbc. >> what was that goat thing you just said? >> goat schtoop. i cleaned it up maybe. >> you know, out where you live, the university of california spends a lot of tax money. one of the things they did is came up with a global warming villian and that's your lawn, miller. your lawn, ok? apparently miller's lawn is ee moating emissions that is making the world hotter. leaf blowing. mowing your lawn.
11:45 pm
all of these things are killing the polar bears. and you ought to be ashame miller. >> here's my feeling on this global warming thing, bill, if i can't jump into my gas guzzling b.m.w. and drive down my huge driveway through my beautiful lawn and go down to the local chop house for a steak, that i then create a little greenhouse gases, i digest the steak. >> excuse me. >> what in god's name is the sake of having a planet anyway if i can't do that. the earth better buck up and wear a cup. wear a cup. >> [ male announcer ] over a century ago, gottlieb daimler wrote four words that were a promise to himself and to the world. a promise to invent the first automobile... and to keep reinventing it. to build the type of cars that define true "performance"... while never sacrificing their true "beauty."
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and to introduce innovations that help save lives and the planet. four simple words mercedes-benz lives by to this day. he best or nothing." that is what drives us. hey. just got off thehone with a sweet gal. fender-bender. i think i got her to a good place. oh, then you'll love this. online repair monitoring. after an accident, esurance customers can get daily updates with photos of their car repairs in progress. oh that's great. [ chuckles ] thank you. [ chuckles ] that's really great. thanks. i mea really, great. chad i don't want to talk about feelings. sure you do. [ male announcer ] go to or call today.
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11:48 pm
>> in the second personal story segment tonight, a test of wits,
11:49 pm
nerve and knowledge. it's the world famous news quiz with killer competitors steve doocy and martha mccall many. here now some memorable moments from the last few battles. >> vice president joe biden let it rip while introducing the president at the health care bill signing ceremony. >> the president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> [beep]. >> excellent for the kids. good for the kids ask now 2004, dick cheney told vermont senator patrick leahy to go blank himself after the senator gave him a hard time about what? a, the iraq war, b halliburton, c guantanamo bay or d, the failure to capture or kill bin laden. answer is b, halliburton. you know that? you know that? >> no. >> excellent. sometimes you guess, miss martha. >> never! >> after an angry outburst on the house floor last week, congressman anthony weiner
11:50 pm
defended himself by attacking fox news. >> sometimes things make you angry and i don't have any regret for showing my anger. i think you got people over at fox news who make millions of dollars acting angry when they're not. >> that would be me. all right, now, mr. weiner was recently married. his wife works as a personal aide to what powerful figure? a, michelle obama, b, michael bloomberg. c, hillary clinton. d, glenn beck. where does his wife work? the answer is hillary clinton. oh. >> i got it! >> doocy lurches into the lead. don't panic. russian authorities investigating a publicity stunt caught on tape. in which some men forced an animal to go parasailing, what animal was it? a, a chimp. b, polar bear. c, a moose. d, donkey. what animal was forced to go parasailing by the russians,
11:51 pm
those terrible people? roll the tape. >> not many people know that, that was judge napolitano in a -- >> really? really? i thought that was choice e. >> james cameron's "avatar" has already grossed more than a billion dollars. >> everything is backwards now. there's the true color. and here's the dream. >> you have to leave or you're gonna die! >> they've sent us a message that they can take whatever they want but we will send them a message that this is our land! >> ok. now, sigourney weaver also appeared in what james cameron flick where the aliens weren't so nice. a, alien. b, aliens with an s. c, alien 3.
11:52 pm
>> this is a trick. d, alien vs. predator. where did she appear with the james cameron director? please. part one, i told you. doocy, get the card out. >> no one can hear you scream. >> aliens. >> yikes! >> bill, you know, nobody knows whether it's alien or aliens. >> nobody knows? i guarantee you people out there -- look, our stage manager knew. >> well -- >> president obama's state of the union speech checked in at an hour and nine minutes. >> you see, washington has been telling us to wait for decades. meanwhile, china is not waiting to revamp its economy. germany is not waiting. i do not accept second place for the united states of america. >> which president likely delivered the shortest state of the union address ever? a, george w. bush. b, jimmy carter. c, abraham lincoln. d, george washington.
11:53 pm
which president was the shortest speaker at the state of the union? cards up, please. answer is d, that's correct. george washington. do you know why? >> he was on a horse. >> because nobody -- you know, there was -- >> nobody cared. nobody was there? >> he didn't -- he wasn't very verbose. no television coverage. nobody watching. >> the reason he did, he had no teeth. that's true. >> that's why he didn't want to talk for very long. >> very, very hard for him. >> wooden teeth. >> the horse could have talked. >> why do we have him on? >> why do we have him on? >> thanks to aarp, we can have more nights out.
11:54 pm
and i can get more laps in. ♪ our card lets us head to the beach more often. and lets us barbecue more often. my new glasses help me see everything. the new website helps me do everything. [ female announcer ] with aarp you get so much more out of life. ♪ discover the best of what's next at the new
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bill: the factor has traveled out to l.a. for the past 13 years. during that time we've had interesting hollywood folks tell us interesting hollywood things. tonight we thought we would show you some of the highlights. ♪ ♪ ♪ keep 'em doggies rolling.
11:56 pm
bill: when you think back from rawhide to the top of your profession and staying for 40 years, what is the main attribute that you have that has made you successful? >> well, many things. just a lot of perseverance. you also have to be lucky. i've been very lucky. eye taken advantage of a few breaks that came along and moved along with them. bill: you are not a hollywood kind of guy? you know what i'm talking about? i can't see you calling anybody babe, i can see that >> not always babe. ♪ ♪ bill: happy days this thing just burst on the scene. that has made you very, very close to the american public. they think they know you. >> so i have to be a really good girl. i can't let them down. i have to look nice. they all say you look really good.
11:57 pm
bill: somebody comes up and it is okay? >> it is heaven, a blessing. such a good thing. bill: it was great. some of the most beloved american tv people are nasty in person. if you want to name names, i'll name 'em. they are nasty. you're nice! >> i'm so nice. ♪ ♪ bill: i remember seeing rocky, seeing you on stage with the cost kerr. it looked -- with the oscar. it looked easy to see stars but it is competitive. >> it is brutal. you are the product. times change, tastes change, each generation has to define itself by discovering their own heroes. bill: you keep yourself in great shape. >> thank you. bill: you are older than i am, you look 10 years younger. you work out everyday? >> i used to. i got it down to what i know works for me. bill: you have been a frequent critic of us. what's the beef? >> well, i think you're doing
11:58 pm
a different thing from -- when i wake up in the morning and i expect to see some news. i don't expect to see a bunch of guys chasing after the independent prosecutor the independent this and that and the other thing, following a grand jury. i don't expect to see minutes and minutes of doorways going into the grand jury building. people come out of the grand jury building. wolf blitzer what do you think of this? i don't know. he doesn't know what to think because he xeno what is going on! bill: why are you a republican? >> i started out not being very political. i just assumed i was a democrat because i've always had the impression that democrats are nicer people. care about people more. glowing up, traveling, seeing the world. that's when i realized in looking into different issues that i was a republican. bill: you came into the spotlight with playboy have
11:59 pm
you been able to override that? >> that was a career it came to me. ♪ bill: were you married to farrah fawcett. were a tabloid target. was that hard to handle? >> it tremendous pressure on you. especially if two people want a career, it is hard. i probably saw farrah in one year, maybe two weeks out of the year. it doesn't make for a really good marriage. when i a call from your people i was shocked, because i watch your show all the time. bill: thank you. >> now i know what it is like to sit in this chair. bill: but i like you. >> i felt like i was getting a call from the principal's office wondering what the heck did i do? ♪ ♪ bill: that's it for us tonight. check out the factor fox website. i am bill o'reilly. please


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